We need more libraries!

Is it worth taking part in this race of projects proliferation or would you rather improve an existing product and provide more and more value?

Ignore nulls in Postgres

Despite the lack of ignore nulls syntax in postgres, we can mimic the required behavior by defining custom aggregates. Albeit being simple, it has several advantages.

[My] Top 7 JPA and SQL performance pitfalls [EN]

Some time ago I had a pleasure to speak at Wrocław JUG about performance issues I have faced when working with persistence layer. These are not the most frequent ones, but rather the most tricky – not visible at the first sight and causing quite a lot of trouble in production.

Java’s type parameter’s and wildcard’s (lack of) equivalence

Yet another post based on an interesting question I have encountered on StackOverflow quite a while ago. But let us start with a slightly different thing. Once upon a time there was a question: what is the difference between ? extends Sometype and T extends Sometype? For example: <? extends Number> and <T extends Number>Continue reading “Java’s type parameter’s and wildcard’s (lack of) equivalence”

Hello world

Most of the adventures in the IT world start with the hello-world project. In this post I’d like to introduce myself and highlight the topics I’ll cover here. My name is Jędrzej. Currently, I live in Wrocław, Poland. I’m a full-stack developer at iteratec, where my main responsibility is to develop a backend of aContinue reading “Hello world”

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